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The Best And Top Torrent Clients For Ubuntu Linux!

People use torrents, and they want to use it the best way for sure. And that is the reason everyone looks for different clients, which will help a lot in getting the best for the downloads. And now that we know, there is no limit to the clients that we can find, and we can get to see a lot of them. 

But as we know, it is not just about downloading; and it is about a lot of other features that people like to use. And that is why we need to get the best client of all and then get started with the work we want to do. So, see here to know the difference and the top torrent clients we have for you!

  • qBittorent

This one is the most popular torrent client we have seen on the internet. And if there is more popular, we can get many better features from it for sure. Here, let’s take a look at its features too. 

  • The interface is so simple, and it can get the job done in a pretty easy manner. Don’t we all need a good app that lets the job become very easy, and we don’t have to go through any hassle too? 
  • We do need access to the magnet links, and this app can defiantly provide that to its users quite easily. 
  • People get the basic features for sure. But it is not just that, and we need a little bit extra too. This will allow us to have a web user interface, several connections, set the speed, and more options related to that. 

Downloading the client is very easy, and there is no need to learn anything new too. So be sure to download it and explore all the features.

  • Deluge

Another torrent client that we use on Linux and is also known to be the one that is so lightweight than the other ones. We want a lighter client who works best and gives us all that we look for. Here, see the features, 

  • People like to use the app generally, and dark mode feels so easy to use. So, we don’t have to change the look, and we just jump right into the best one without any hassle. 
  • We can get to use this one on the different softwares because we all have different devices to use. The device can be macOS, Linux, or even windows. 

Just look for the app and then download it, which is as easy as explaining it right now. 

  • Transmission

We know that it comes pre-installed on Ubuntu, we can safely say that it is the best torrent client. We are here to discuss the popular clients, and if one is already installed in it, how can we say that it is not one of the leading ones. Here, let’s know more, 

  • The user interface is so simple that we can get to use it without feeling the hassle of doing it. 
  • There are all essential features that we need, and they are all given just up-front. 
  • We can get to see the magnet link support. 
  • We can get the remote control too. 
  • Also, we can get to ensure that there is a download and upload speed configuration too. 

We can use the app very easily, and all we need to do is install it and enjoy the app right away. 

  • Tixati

Even though it is not open-source software but, the good news, it is available for use on Linux. People like to use cross-platform support, so we are telling you it is also available for windows. The features are here, 

  • It provides the exact info about the usage of bandwidth. 
  • We can see the important stats while we are using the chart. 
  • There are essential features that every torrent client has. 
  • We can also get that portable edition for Linux too. 

It is not on the software center, but it can be installed easily from the download page. 

At last, these are four torrent clients that we think are on the top for Linux and can get the best info out of it too! so use them and get the benefits!

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.