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Proxy Server- What Is It, Its Benefits And Various Types

If you are planning to use the internet, then the first thing about which you must have an idea is the proxy server. These are basically the servers that can either be the computer or an application that acts as the gateway between the local computer and an extensive scale network. Generally, the proxy servers can be further categorized:

  • Forward proxy: This is the widely used category of the proxy server. It acts as the intermediary between the computer and the vast network.
  • Reverse proxy: These are another kind of the server that acts as the intermediary between the web and the smaller group of the servers.
  • Another category is of the online proxy that any of the online users can access. It is the kind of servers that are offered to the public free of cost.

As per the usage, the person can select the proxy server. There are various benefits that these proxy servers offer to the general public, about which you can get an idea on the official site. Let’s discuss some of them in detail:

IP address remains hidden

The best thing about the proxy server is that the website that the user is visiting will not be able to get the actual IP address of the person/. This will reduce the chances of any kind of hack to a great extent. As the IP address is something that can help another person in getting an idea about the country and city of the person who is visiting the website.

Loading time gets reduced

It is a fact that the proxy server can store the data once a person has accessed it. After a certain period, when a person searches for the same page, it displays it at a faster rate than saves the loading time of the person to a great extent. 

The page’s loading time gets reduced only in the situation if the users have accessed the page in the past.

Harmful sites can just be filtered

Another best thing about the proxy server is that the admin has the full power to block a user from accessing the specified website that might be dangerous. In case if the admin has an idea that a specific website contains the malware, he has the complete right to stop the user from visiting that platform.

The person can access the restricted content

As we all know on the internet, some of the sites that are under restriction either due to the network or the copyright regulations. 

Since the proxy server is known to hide the IP address, websites do not have the power to stop the user from accessing the sites based on the person’s location.

These are some of the benefits of using the proxy server. In addition, they have made the usage of the internet relatively easy for the users.

Various types of the proxy server

Once you are clear about the various benefits of the proxy server, now a person must also have an idea regarding the various types of the proxy server to make a better selection of the proxy server. So, let’s discuss some of the types in detail:

  • HTTP Proxy Servers

These are the proxies that can affect multiple connections at the same time. They are known to interrupt the network traffic and make it easier and faster for the users to do the complete access.

  • SOCKS Proxy Server

This is different from the HTTP proxy, as they are not bothered by the interruption of the traffic. Moreover, they are versatile in nature and can hold multiple types of traffic like emails, internet relay chat, and torrent traffic.

  • Web proxies

Web proxies are the ones that can be generally used but the users inside the browser. The user does not require the installation of the additional software. 

Connections can be done either with the HTTP or the HTTP, due to which the level of security will also differ. One negative thing about this type of proxy is that they have some sort of problem while dealing with java.

The types of the proxy server are not limited to the points as mentioned above; if the user wants to get more details regarding this, then they can just visit the official site.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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