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Cheap Sewing Machines For Kids

Are you looking to make a cool kids Halloween costume? How about something for the big kids? You can make a prize-winning child or big kid costumes. Are you trying not to spend a fortune? According to sewing machine buffs, it just takes a little organization, planning, and research to save money and look good on Halloween.

First for the organization. Halloween comes every year, right. So, why not save Halloween gear just like Christmas gear. The day after Halloween just cleans and store all items that can be reused for the same character or for any new character for another year. Take wigs for example, after a few years you have a collection, a little cleaning, and styling and you can generate any number of characters for very little or no money.

Planning ahead is a must if you want to save money or win a costume contest. Insist that everyone decides on their character on or before October 1st. That way you have 30 days to find and purchase everything you need. I have made the selection as early as July so that every detail can be taken care of in a creative manner. I know, not everyone can start planning for Halloween in July, but if you do you will have top-notch, contest-winning adult or child costumes. I know this helps for future years. but it is already October so let’s get to this year.

The selection of the character will determine the amount of research required to come up with an authentic-looking costume. The key is to do something that looks good. I did not say copy the character, get close, and look good. I have found that picking something well known and doing a fair job with hair, makeup, and attire will win or place in the costume contest. You are not going up against professional costume and makeup people here, that is why a fair job looks great. Remember costume parties and trick or treating is done in low light levels, again that is why it is easy to look great. If you are going to the bright lights and TV camera close-ups, you better get professional help.

When shopping for hair go to a wig shop. A cheap wig is much better than what you find at a costume store. Buying the cheapest of anything is not a good deal, remember we can save the wigs for years of use. Make-up is another area that you will end up dripping and messy if you buy the costume shop cheap stuff. Depending on the character you may need to buy the attire from the costume store. That is unless you or someone you know is good with the sewing machine. You can always save money if you are lucky enough to find clothes and props to work with at yard sales, the Salvation Army Store, family, or friends – any place with used items and clothes.

Halloween should be a fun night for all so be careful not to make a costume that is complicated, hot or restricting to the point of being uncomfortable. Go to Costumes For Kids Store for some great Halloween tails and more costume information.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.