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The internet and computers have been a great inventions and have helped us with many daily things from time to time. Having the internet has made things a lot easier, especially for students. For students, studying new concepts and completing research papers and other projects has become very easy compared to how it was earlier. When we did not have computers and the internet, it wasn’t easy to get things done because the only way to study more concepts was by visiting the library and searching for the required books and then reading through the whole book to find out the topic that is required.

Now, all they need to do is use the internet, go to google and type down what they need information about. It hardly takes seconds to produce the required information, and they can easily read through it. And the advantages don’t just stop there; and there are a lot of other functions that a computer and the internet can carry out for us, and all of these functions have made life very easy for us. Many new applications keep getting invented by software engineers, and these applications have also helped us a lot. There is a perfect one to help us with anything and everything, and you have one to act as GPS and help you navigate your destination; there is one to figure out bus and train routes and a lot of other things.

Disadvantages of having the internet around

While there are a lot of advantages to having the internet and the computer around, there are also a couple of disadvantages that we should always keep in mind and be safe while using this platform. The one thing that we should always make sure of is that this platform couldn’t make us lazier, and it should always keep us on our toes as well. We must always make sure that we do whatever we can to get out of the house a little and not stay glued to our computer screens the entire time. Apart from this, another blogger disadvantage of having this platform round is the number of crimes that keep taking place because of having this platform and what we should do to prevent it. Crimes happen everywhere, and it seems that they have started happening through the internet as well. There are more cyber crimes, though, because it is elementary to cause havoc when you’re sitting behind a screen and not in contact with the person. If you use the right technology, it isn’t easy to track the person behind all of this, which helps them get out spot-free.

What are the different cyber crimes that take place?

It is pretty easy to do something against a person with that we have a grudge online, and most of the time, the ones who are guilty don’t even have to face the consequences of their actions because most cybercrimes don’t get reported. There are many people who cause havoc by blackmailing other users of the internet, and there are viruses that they can send as well. They hack other profiles and use pictures posted by someone else on social media. There are a lot of different things that people can do online, and that is what makes it so unsafe to use. There are a lot of different social media apps present, and these have made it easier to cause such crimes. While they are fantastic to meet new people and communicate with whoever we like, this is an added risk that people have to be willing to take.


Once people started hearing about these things and how these cases are getting developed, some people started to come up with new solutions so that these cases could be kept at bay. nordVPN has been a massive help because it has helped stop these crimes, and if there is any unsafe user, it is reported immediately. If there is anything wrong with the online traffic that a particular user is receiving, the user is notified so that they can take necessary actions and keep themselves safe. If you wish, you can join nordVPN here to keep yourself safe.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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