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The Judgement The Tarot Of The Day

The Judgement card is a part of the Major Arcana suit of cards. The card is about hard and final decisions in life that are about to reform one’s life completely. The judgement card is a signal that you are hastily taking decisions and the card is a sign for you to retrace your steps back and think about the next move, before you take it. The card displays a number of naked men rising from their graves. They have outstretched their arms and are responding to the trumpet call of archangel Gabriel, who is seen hovering over them. They are as if appealing to the angel and awaiting their judgement by God. The mountains or tidal waves seen in the background are the obstacles faced in life. The banner that the archangel holds is red on white, similar to the Magician’s cloth. According to many mythologies, this is the last scene of the last judgement where archangel Gabriel will summon the dead to rise from their graves, in the end. They will now meet their Maker and judgement will be passed on their lives whether they deserve to be amidst the pleasures of Heaven or be doomed in the Hell. It suggests an extreme corner in your life where something is about to change drastically. The ruling planet of this card is Pluto, which is the ruler of Underground and the ruling element of the card is Fire, indicating rebirth.

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The Judgement card suggests that you must now evaluate the present situations and the actions that you have taken. It calls for a self-evaluation. You must meditate and reach a point of deeper understanding of your present conditions. It suggests a time for your spiritual awakening. It tells you to review the past and start to remember the lessons your past taught you about your life. It is a stage when you are reminded to clear up your sins so that the memories of your past stops following you. It is an ultimatum where you stop acting and think about Ressurecting your life to start afresh again. It is time to complete your unfinished tasks and clear up the misunderstandings. This will provide the peace and stability to start your life anew without any negative influences and help you concentrate on your coming tasks in life. The judgement card asks us to let go of our pasts, to forget and forgive.

This card is also a card of healing, might be from an accident or illness. It might mean you need some time to be spent in curing yourself, may be spend in a hospital or being under treatment for any sickness that you have been suffering from.

HEALTH: This card indicates a time when you need to think positively. It is about curing your inner self and getting rid of the past injuries. Think clearly and let go those that are holding you back like your old grudges and disappointments. The card also suggests betterment in physical conditions of your health where you may recover from a disease or accident. It might mean your fate is about to change for good.

WORK: In work, it is time to make any final conclusion. It might also suggest a new career or job to begin anew. You are being watched. You might be needed to put on a bit more effort. Work hard to achieve that changes you have been thinking of. It is a warning not to neglect the suggestions you receive from your seniors or it might cause a permanent damage to your career. The efforts you put in this time are likely to pay you well later and you will ultimately reap the benefits of this labour. You just might crack that deal you have been waiting for or that promotion you have been eyeing might just come your way.

LOVE LIFE: This period might suggest an end in your relationship, if you are already in one such relation. This is the time to get clear about certain things you want for yourself and those which are unwanted in your life. You might also work to establish a new one in the near future. The steps that you take now will have a big influence in your later life. So, be careful whom you trust and whom you neglect. Wrong steps taken during this time might result to loss of loved ones forever that might affect the prospects that were about to come in life.

FINANCES: Good things are headed towards you. Your hard work will soon give a positive rise in your finances. Your bank balance might just hike up or you might get an increment or promotion. Take proper precaution now so that you do not run into losses. Being careful will guard your money from being lost in unyielding things and expenses.

Your life is heading for the next phase with a huge change coming your way. The Judgement card in your tarot reading suggests you abide by the rules and keep away from greed. It is now that you will have to choose a path to head to – good or evil will be your own choice. Be careful and positive and be open to new ideas and changes. This will open up new avenues for you and heal the past to make your future hurdle-free, bringing in more prospects that you have not even imagined.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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