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Why Should You Know Joshmacdonald?

The world has now transformed and brought with it so many new changes. With the help of software, everything can now be done with ease and smoothly in no time. There is a lot of software that is in use currently. Life has not been the same from the day they have started to come into use.  People have a great knowledge of the software and like to share it with the world. One of the many intellectuals is joshmacdonald.

About him

joshmacdonald is an entrepreneur and author from Canada who is known for his best work in writing books that tell people about software. He is a man of great knowledge and has done a lot of research on the same. He is also the author of many books and articles that tell the world about how the software is to be used and all its features. Besides, he has established two big and successful companies as well as an e-commerce brand to date. He started his work at the age of 14 and has assisted several brands to set up their existence worldwide.

A lot of people follow the teachings of Josh and his life lessons without fail. He completed his education at The University of Toronto with a Bsc in computer science. At the moment, he is helping people who are battling with Crohn’s disease via his book as well as through his social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube channel.

Business venture

Business is very important for every individual. joshmacdonald, back in 2010 started with his idea of marketing where he sold niche pre-made Adsense websites for Google. He, in no time, adapted to the craze of the online world. This venture made him earn a huge sum of money which further helped him with all the further projects. At that particular time, he had no professional knowledge of programming and development entirely. By the time he turned 16, he made his software called Keyword Scout and earned his first figure. He used to run his entire venture from his Blackberry when he was in his class and bus and at his workstation during the evenings. In the next 5 years, he founded another 5 companies and taught thousands of professionals online through coaching websites like Udemy, Clarity, and Youtube as well. He gave his professional advice and knowledge to the audience through many magazines and articles like Huff Post, LifeHack,, Social Media Today, Elite Daily, etc. As he turned 21, he wrote another book that lays a foundation and gave repeated teachings for building the companies online. It also includes many interviews and professional talks with a lot of millionaires as well as billionaires.

He is also available to provide teachings to people throughout the day. People can simply reach out to him for any help and professional advice. A lot of professional institutions like MIT, Yale, Brown, Columbia University, etc. have called him to give a word to word to the students and to also hear their innovative thoughts and ideas on the same. So, it is thus good to learn and follow his teachings and advice to have a better professional life ahead.

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