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Minecraft For Education And Learning Various Subjects And Gaining Knowledge

Most kids as well as adults are familiar with Minecraft gaming and play the game for their personal reasons. Some play the game for its craft and building features; others like the player vs. player battles or the speedrunning battles are worth playing. But nowadays, people are found arguing that Minecraft games are also helpful for educational purposes, and most non-gamers find this shocking and baseless.

Well, to their surprise, you should know that Minecraft has a special education edition game. This edition is built for teachers primarily to teach their students through interactive gaming sessions. However, children can also access the game with a free Minecraft account and password and enjoy the education edition of the game.

Minecraft Education Edition – Benefits For Teachers

The best part about the edition is that teachers can design their own lessons to teach several concepts through the interactive audio-visual game. For this, the gaming UI has several tools and menu items to ease preparing educational lessons. Moreover, it already has several prepared lessons in many subjects like arts, science, maths, etc.

Furthermore, to supervise students while using the interactive tool on their own, teachers can create a non-player character or NPC that can guide and give a message to the students on their work and add attachments like links for further information.

Features Of Minecraft Education Edition That Are Worth Experiencing 

  • Minecraft education is not designed to play with other Minecraft versions, but it is runnable on cross platforms, and the multiplayer connection is possible in the game.
  • Border blocks can be applied by tutors so that the students cannot build outside the allotted area.
  • Also, this edition supports the chalkboard feature that allows you to write or draw on the current screen to explain anything during the session. This way, the session becomes more interactive and easier to understand.
  • A camera button allows students to take pictures of themselves while they are working on the task. This picture will be stored in their portfolio that can be accessed anytime.

Benefits For Students Which Will Help Them In Studies 

So, it is now clear that studying through the Minecraft education edition will be interactive, which means that learners will be more involved in the process. Also, it is a scientific fact that our brain can remember the visual data for a much longer time than the textual. And also, we can recall more visual data than textual data after a particular time in the future. Hence, it is beneficial for learners too.

  • Moreover, this method of education will promote creativity in the learner, and it could reveal the hidden talents of children. Many children are not so good at studies, but their art is excellent, so such students can learn and grasp the educational part much quickly.
  • Problem-solving skills are also enhanced once you do them practically, and Minecraft education will make sure that the process gets as interactive as possible. The gaming will also test your problem-solving capacity under stressful situations to learn to cope with stress and be more productive.
  • Minecraft allows you to be master of your time and creation, and nobody can stop you from achieving anything in the virtual world of Minecraft. So you can explore, craft, and create whatever you like and build some cool stuff in the game that shows your imagination and cognitive skills.

The game will develop reading and writing habits as, in many instances, it will make children read stuff or note something down. Amid the covid, this game was available for free, and many teachers and students got free Minecraft account and password. The game has content for all age learners, and it is evolving every day with new lessons and more possibilities.

Business And Technology And More Out Of The Box Learning Opportunities

Minecraft has also helped children understand aspects of business and technology. It has taught children the meaning of terms like server, business models, and much more. So, not only the school-based education but children can also learn something extra that is more valuable in the outer world. Children learn about the stem, marketing, and many other terminologies, which many of us were not introduced during our childhoods.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.