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Abdominal Exercise Ball For Different Purposes

If people want to buy an abdominal exercise ball, they have to choose the right size. For example, an average woman will need a 5’5 ” /65 cm stability ball, no matter whether she buys it for abdominal exercises, to sit on it or to give a baby birth on it. If you never tried to use an exercise ball, it would be a good idea to go to a shop or in a gym for a try. Sit on it with the feet on the floor and feel the balance. Step forward until the ball supports the mid back and enjoy the good feeling for the back. Roll back and realize that you sit not as fixed as on a chair but very comfortable. If you like that, a stability ball is right for you.

The balance ball as a chair sometimes is criticized it would be instable and not ergonomic. Of course it is not an ergonomic desk chair and you cannot hang around on the ball like in an arm chair. But just this is the benefit. With every turn or little movement the core muscles and the leg muscles react with small adjustments. Maybe one should not sit on the abdominal exercise ball for the whole day. But for a few hours, it would be like a kind of permanent training. It stabilizes the stomach muscles and enhances the balance. It is not that much difficult to increase the testosterone level. There are lots of things that will help you a lot in ding this activity. All you have to do is perform it properly. Other than that, it will be way more difficult for you get the best in your schedule.

Exercise ball exercises are known as very effective. A study of the San Diego State University shows them the third on a list of the best abs equipment. The basic exercises are crunches lying on the abdominal exercise ball with the feet wider apart. That is quite easy, also for beginners. With the feet closer together it’s harder to do, needs more balance and will work the obliques. The back is comfortable supported. Ab exercises don’t need much time and can be done at home and in the office. Doing1 to 3 sets of a dozen repetitions is a good first goal. It strengthens the body, gives a better posture, a better breathing, a better digestion and supports weight loss.

The stability ball (birth ball) more and more gets used for natural birthing. Sitting on it in an upright position during the labor, the ball allows the woman flexibility in positioning the body. Rocking side to side during contraction could give relief and shorten the whole process. Some women start using the birth ball during pregnancy. Sitting on it activates the abdominals and relieves the strain from lower back and hips. Leaning over the ball takes pressure off the back. After birth the ball can be used to get the body back in shape.

There are many different names for that great tool of abs equipment: Abdominal exercise ball, birth ball, stability ball or balance ball and there are just as many different purposes to use it for and get the benefits. Everybody can have a balance ball at home to sit on and to exercise the abs. Prices start with less than 20 Dollars for durable quality. In every case the ball should be burst resistant. Look for the right size and weight capacity. The balls belong to the cheapest tools of abdominal exercise equipment. Nevertheless they allow a very effective training.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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