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Personal life also includes sexual pleasure

While we pride ourselves to say the world we live in today, there are still many things or topics that come with a stigma attached. Many people from different countries still have a stigma attached to specific topics. Although, we understand that sometimes people react out of their fear, which is not the case every time. While personal life is kept a secret, to the utmost private state that it is often invaded or intruded by others at times. With our ‘personal’ bubble/ space being extremely fragile, often it becomes a question to whom we can disclose and confide. 

Such that sexual life is a quiet issue, many times, we find that many health issues also are unnoticed because of being extremely private. While not many women talk about their sexual life. It is seen that sexual satisfaction for women to discuss in under-developed countries is difficult due to societal pressure and judgment.

 Even though considered to be outdated by many individuals are still subjected to societal judging or societal conformity. Hence, the stigma of being an inappropriate topic or the woman itself being judged. Society plays an important role in determining what is right and wrong, whether we like it or not. 

 With humanity itself learning slowly to accept the exceptions of human life to be beautiful, we still find people that fight or resist the change. Talking about women being open about their sexual practices like maintaining or reviving their sexual satisfaction, a vibrator is adopted. Although, we find that the usage of such devices for sexual pleasure. One finds it difficult to purchase one that is suitable for our needs. Vibrators are designed to satisfy a woman sexually but to find the best vibrators for women is tough.

To educate ourselves about sexual satisfaction.

A vibrator is also known as a sex toy or a massager. It is used on the body for pleasurable sexual stimulation. There are different shapes and sizes of vibrators that are available to cater to the need. Often electrically powered, which functions on pulses and vibrations that provide the feeling of pleasure. As masturbation is common among men, women rarely feel the necessity for it. 

A vibrator is often used for solo play and partnered play as well. Sometimes, this practice is suggested by sex therapists as it is found to be beneficial in long-distance relationships, which induce a hormonal reaction. This comes attached with a feeling of pleasure with the one whom we love. Different websites offer different information with regards to which are the best vibrators for women.

 The characteristics of the best masturbation for women can differ from one to another according to their expectations. Some of these are toe-curling and pain-free orgasms to provide a heavenly experience of being completely satisfied sexually. Noted as a form of therapy that ensures to regain the confidence if lost. As many women, go dating after menopause resort to utilizing vibrators as a way to maintain their sexual repertoire with their partner thereby, not having intercourse performance issues.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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