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How To Write An Essay Paper

What is an Essay Paper?

Before outlining How to Write an Essay, it is important to define it first. An essay paper is a paper which is formulated based on the opinion of the author through the expression of their voice. An essay has the main agenda of focusing on one question, the thesis, and the paper flows to explain the research question in context. In answering the question, one focuses on the experience of the author as well as the research available explaining the topic. In general, the essay is composed of three main parts which are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. In the development of an essay, the writer makes a case for the validity of the given point of view, provides an analysis of the research question and offers an interpretation of their point of view.

Process of Writing an Essay Paper

This section defines how to write an essay paper; there are five essential guidelines which should be adhered to ensure the document is comprehensive and follows the requirements of an essay.

Develop a Topic

The writer is required to understand the needs of the assignment through research, exploring of any available background data regarding the subject and developing a professional thesis statement which will be discussed throughout the paper.

Conduct Research

The writer is then required to research the identified topic through scholarly sources and ensuring they take notes and read keenly.

Thesis Statement

The writer develops a well-crafted thesis statement and generates an outline of the arguments which will be discussed in the essay.

Writing the Essay and Integrating the Research

This involves writing the paper using the data obtained from the sources selected ensuring in-text citations are used and the personal opinions.

Editing, Reviewing and Analyzing

The writer lastly makes a review of the thesis and the proposed outline and ensures that there are no grammar mistakes as well as the structural and stylistic errors.

Types of an Essay

1. Descriptive Essay

This essay provides an explanatory message regarding an event, a person, an object, a debate and so on. The essay provides information that will help the reader imagine the event.

2. Narrative Essay

This is an essay that describes the activities from a vantage point of view, and it may be expressed in the present or past tense in the first person.

3. Compare and Contrast Essay

This is an essay which attempts to offer a description of the similarities or differences between two or more events.

4. Persuasive Essays

In a persuasive essay, the writer attempts to convince the reader to accept the opinion of they present and agree with it. The writer tries to convince the person reading that their point of view is reasonable.

5. Argumentative Essays

This is an essay which is mainly applied in discussing controversial issues, mostly sensitive problems or opinions which have had a complete disagreement over the other.

Sections of an Essay

1. Introduction– This section provides the reader with a hint of what is to be discussed and presentation of the argument in the form of a thesis statement.

2. Body- gives the evidence that is used to support the writer’s point of view.

3. Conclusion– provides a summary of the findings or the presented content of the entire paper.

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