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There are so many of us who simply don’t notice the faults in ourselves, or we become so fixated on the faults that don’t matter that we forget about the ones that are effecting us. Anyone who has tried to make a conscious change to their bodies will have at some point done something that will have certainly impeded progress and made those changes more difficult to accomplish, whether you noticed it or not and regardless of what goals you are trying to accomplish with your changes it is important that you remain consistent to the rules that you set yourself, and that the rules you have set for yourself to follow are actually helping you to accomplish your goals.

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Problems can start as early as when we first wake up – skipping breakfast is a very common problem and one that many of us are guilty of. Breakfast is the meal that will provide you with energy for the rest of the day, you will greatly impact on your mood, diet and ability to exercise by skipping important meals. Of course skipping other meals is also problematic and leaves you prone to snacking, which can easily further damage your attempts to reach your targets. If you do sleep in or for any other reason end up skipping breakfast you can pick up some fruit on your way to work, or keep a box of cereal in your office break room, this will allow you to have a slightly later breakfast and prevents you from disrupting your progress too much.

Sleep is something else that is very important, if you aren’t getting enough of it you can cause all sorts of problems for your body, many of which will impact on your attempts to change your body. Whether it’s weight loss or muscle building a lack of sleep can cause problems for you, your energy levels will of course be much lower than they would be if you were getting enough sleep, your hormones are more likely to be disrupted and you’re going to feel more hungry, restless and less motivated towards doing the exercise you might have planned to do. Being tired is something that is difficult for us to deal with, particularly if we regularly aren’t getting enough sleep and can begin to impact on your health very negatively.

Allowing ourselves to become distracted from our exercise plans is another problem that many of us encounter, it’s easy to forget how busy you really are when you start telling yourself that you’re going to exercise every day and always make yourself a healthy meal, but then life steps in the way and suddenly you’re sticking a frozen meal in the microwave the moment you walk in the door. Finding time isn’t easy, and we often just don’t have the energy, but this is something that only change will fix.

Try taking some exercise clothes in a bag to work with you; if you usually get public transport to and from work you could try running home, or getting off a few stops early and jogging the difference. If you usually drive at least it means you can head straight out when you get home, rather than giving yourself a chance to sit down. After your exercise have a lukewarm shower, it should make you feel more refreshed before you have your meal which means you’re more likely to make something healthy. If it helps make your meals on mornings or even then night before and put them in the fridge – this is good for salads and sides, all you have to do is grill some meat or fish or boil pasta or rice to go with it, though of course you shouldn’t be doing this every night it is one way of reducing the negative effects of a bad habit.

A lot of the bigger issues occur at work when we have less control over our environment and activities, people who sit for long periods of time and find their working environment to be stressful are those most at risk. Sitting for long periods of time in itself is harmful to your efforts, try to get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour or so, if you have set break periods walk up and down some stairs; if there are steps outside it makes a good excuse to enjoy some fresh air for a little while which can help you to feel more positive and productive in your working environment. During your lunch break, even if you take in a healthy lunch, you should get outside and walk around, stretch your legs and remove yourself from the office environment. Don’t eat your lunch too quickly; eating fast is another problem you can encounter. Don’t be tempted to increase the amount of snacks you have and don’t use snacks as an excuse to remove your attention from your work.

Drink more water and less alcohol. Alcohol is a big problem for any attempts at weight loss or muscle building and causes weight gain, dehydration and consumes your time, not just with the drinking itself but with the hangovers that generally follow, and hangovers will impact your productivity, motivation, hydration, energy and appetite, all which need to be kept at the most stable possible levels during your efforts to change your body if you want it to work. In other words; it will set you way back. A rare treat won’t hurt in small doses, but the more you treat yourself the more you damage your efforts. Caffeine in large doses can also create problems for the efficiency of your workout, as a general rule replace coffee and alcohol with water most of the time.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.