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Fitness For Women Beginners

Although a little willpower and the Best pre-workout for women the physical result is going to make you feel better with yourself, we will provide security and the psychological benefit is going to affect our daily lives because we are going to enjoy a time for us, where we forget the concerns that we are always around the head; as long as we are in the gym exercise will occupy our minds and that momentary disconnection will give us the energy to continue the daily mental work.

From my point of view, for the physical improvement, no doubt, the best sport is fitness, since it allows you to work the body of localized form, and we give priority to the areas that most interest us, which normally women tend to be, by the accumulation of fat and flaccidity; hips, buttocks, chest, abdominal and triceps (the posterior region of the arm).

Let us old topics that have become myths, and do not let yourself be influenced by those typical beliefs that are nothing more than falsehood, believe that practicing the fitness 2-3 times a week will create a bodybuilder’s muscle, or that leaving it muscle turns into fat or muscle to lose femininity in women.

Most common myths of fitness training

To develop the body up to the levels of a bodybuilder, we would need many years of intense training with high weights and a diet more than strict, very high in carbohydrates, protein, and low in fat. When you leave, simply is losing a little muscle tone, since muscle is no longer active and its hardness decreases a little, but el muscle never turns into fat, this process does not exist, is a popular invention without basis.

It could be the case wins fat, but this would be directly linked to food. In the case of sports, carbohydrate intake should be reduced since there is no wear and tear so much energy, if we keep the same caloric intake, when not being used; the body book it in the form of fat as an energy reservoir.

On the basis that “tastes there are no discussions”, in my humble opinion, I don’t think that a certain muscle toning subtracts femininity, but quite the opposite, because acute curves that both beautify the body of a woman who of us doesn’t want have a hard, high and rounded buttocks, contoured legs which remain firm when walking a chiseled waist, some drawn ABS, arms toned…?

And not a woman like a man as well?. Once broken these myths, as outdated and obsolete, and, now we will get down to work to build that athletic and feminine body that, in addition to improving our physical, will raise our self-esteem and us free from these constraints that we had imposed on us, already not have excuses for not going to the beach with other people, now instead of hiding your body you want it to look.

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Basic tips on training, nutrition, and supplementation

Beginner level

Training (in the gym)

Whole-body at each session, type circuit,

One exercise per muscle group. This routine twice a week and add a day dedicated to the buttocks, legs, and hips in a specific way, add exercise cardio if necessary.


Equililibrar feed. Make five meals a day. Abolish junk food. Increase consumption of vegetables, raw vegetables, fruits, and protein sources that are low in fat.

Advanced level


Train a daily muscle; make every muscle once a week. Abdominal and gluteal twice per week. Train 4-5 days per week.


-To increase weight and muscle: increasing the intake of carbohydrates.

-To reduce fat without losing muscle: decrease in the intake of carbohydrates and increasing protein intake fat-free.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.