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Fat Loss Getting Into A Healthy Fat Loss Routine

Deciding to lose Fat is a great move if you are overFat and want to become healthier and fitter. Unfortunately, many people want to find a “quick fix” that will catapult them into losing 2-3 stones within a short time and somehow manage to keep it off. The truth is there is no quick fix in terms of Fat loss, and it must be conducted in a sensible and consistent manner with the help of a proper workout routine along with the best weight loss pills. Here’s why.

If you have been on a crash diet before, no doubt you will have experienced the influx in Fat gain as soon as the diet is over. The reason for this is that during your crash diet, the body and more importantly, the metabolism has gone into starvation mode where the body is using much less energy and therefore storing as much as possible.

However, even with the starvation mode, you will have probably still managed to lose some Fat during the crash diet. But when you come off the diet and resume your normal eating behavior, the body is still acting in starvation mode and therefore, with the higher level of energy intake, will store this as fat and you will put on probably all the Fat you lost (if not, even more) until the body goes back to normal metabolism.

Instead of going on a faddy, crash diet, simply reduce your daily intake of calories to a more realistic level such as 1500 calories per day where the normal level is 2000. This reduction of 500 calories will help you lose fat safely and steadily and without too much trauma to the metabolism and therefore no starvation mode.

While you are conducting this sensible diet, you may also wish to incorporate additional exercise to speed up the process slightly and make your calorie reduction more effective. The additional exercise will also keep the metabolism up and working well, not to mention other health benefits such as heart health and a reduced risk of diabetes.

Losing Fat does not have to mean a ridiculously low food intake per day which only leaves you feeling tired and sluggish. Instead, opt for a healthy and slower Fat loss which will see you keep the Fat off for the future.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.