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How To Get Rid Of A Bulging Stomach

Sometimes, despite eating healthy and exercise, you still find yourself looking and feeling fuller than normal. The term for this fullness is known as bloating. Bloating is a common side effect of indigestion or a stomach disorder that affects most people today.

Whether it is excessive or minimal, the person experiencing the bloating will have discomfort that is almost impossible to escape from unless they rid the bloating itself.

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For those who are experiencing bloating due to a stomach disorder, there is a variety of medications available to rid of the discomfort.

If your case is serious enough your Gastrologist or stomach doctor may prescribe you some medications that will suit your medical history.

If your history and bloating are minimal it could be something simple as Pepto Bismol or Gas X to subside the discomfort until the bloating subsides. If your bloating is more excessive there are medications that you can use but will need to be continued throughout your life.

However, in case your bloating is more to indigestion and changing your diet isn’t enough to keep the bloating to a minimum, there are many home remedies you can choose from in order to see what suits you best.

If your bloating isn’t excessive you could simply switch your diet up for the day by focusing on water, herbal tea, fresh fruit, and yogurt. These foods should be rich enough in probiotics and fiber combined to slow the bloating and hopefully subside it.

If your bloating is something that just a change in diet can’t fix there are some anti-bloating exercises that you can participate in daily.

However, in case you aren’t very active or flexible, you can simply try raising your knees to your chest. Rotate your knees and raise them one at a time slowly in order to try working off some bloating. If you think of yourself as active and flexible, Yoga stretches and movements are best for bloating.

Like most people whenever you bloat, you want to rid yourself of the bloating quickly. While there isn’t any miracle to resolve to bloat if you combine the few things listed above you may be able to slowly rid yourself of the bloating and keep yourself from bloating as much in the future.

In order to successfully keep yourself from bloating in the future the first step is to understand your body.

Understanding your body can be more complicated than most people believe. While one person has a low tolerance for the fibers that come from vegetables, others may have a low tolerance for the fibers that come from fruits.

With that being said there is no easy way to find out what your body can and can’t tolerate without experimenting and using trial and error. Once you understand your body you can combine the earlier steps and work your way toward healthier digestion.

Practice your small exercises that assist with bloating daily. If you’re able practice yoga as often as possible. Hydrate with as much water as possible before you participate in activities, including your small exercises.

Drink on average 30 ounces a few hours before the activities and another 8 ounces right before working out. During the rest of the day continue to hydrate with water or tea.

Along with combining the extra water intake with your exercises practice consuming less salt daily. When you’ve learned your body and know which foods you handle the best increase your fiber intake and limit yourself on simple sugars and trans fat.

Although these affect you over a period of time these will actually allow for fat gain in the abdominal area which can cause you’re bloating to become worse.

As stated before know that getting rid of bloating can be a long process full of trial and error. This isn’t a reason to not try and rid yourself of the bloating, just be patient and give it time as you see what your body can and can’t tolerate.

If you feel you’re doing all you can and still have trouble don’t forget to consult your family physician, nutritionist, or Gastrologist. They can offer you many options to suit you personally.

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