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Through Cannabis Testing You Can Determine Which Cannabinoids Benefit Your Ailment

CannLabs is a widely respected and known cannabis testing facility that tests not only for potency but also for contaminates such as mold, residual solvent residues and aflatoxins. In addition to providing excellence in cannabis testing, they also are a resource for other companies that need more information or some consulting help. They are at the fore front of research and are highly respected consultants on the subject. As a lot of these marijuana niches are coming to light due to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado (and a lot of whisperings about this coming about in other states in the not so distant future) many companies have been around before recreational marijuana was legal and were a part of the medical marijuana field. In fact CannLabs focuses mostly on the medical aspects of cannabis with not only THC testing but also all of their CBD labs which has been known for it’s various health benefits.

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To give a snapshot of the kind of respect that CannLabs has, lets take a look at the various sources that have mentioned them as a company worth trusting and of course even mentioning as a resource: CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, marie claire, The Boston Globe, Der Spiegel, CBS, The Huffington Post, The Seattle Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The San Francisco Chronicle, MSNBC, AP, and BBC to just name a few. With all of these big names giving a shout out to CannLabs it is hard to not see them as a company that you can trust with the information that they are sharing.

One of the coolest things about CannLabs is that their research actually breaks down the different cannabinoids and links them to different ailments or diseases that afflict people’s daily lives. WIth this in mind, you can just get on CannLabs website, look for the symptoms that you are experiencing and then follow their easy to read graph to find out which cannabinoids are going to be most medically beneficial to you. In doing this, you can go to a dispensary and ask for cannabis that will specifically help you with your ailment. In fact there are many people who use cannabis without the THC so they don’t even experience the high, they will just experience the health benefits. CannLabs is on the forefront of this excellent service that details how cannabis actually can heal.

Through their extensive work with cannabis and marijuana testing they are able to share with people exactly what they might need for their health. This methodology hear actually dispels a lot of the myths around marijuana and lets people see the facts are the facts. After all there doctors all the time that are changing their minds about the health benefits of cannabis thanks to reputable and knowledgeable companies like CannLabs who make it their business to know the medical benefits of marijuana and then share that with the world. If you need your cannabis tested or just want more information about marijuana than CannLabs is the right company for you.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.