Know about various Harry Potter spells and charm from Quizpin

Harry Potter is a very popular fantasy genre for kids as well as adults around the world. Both the novels and movies of Harry Potter are extremely popular. The Potter mania has engulfed the world. If you are interested and eager to know about several Harry Potter charms and spells, then you must visit Quizpin

Here are some of the most common and popular charms, spells, and curses that you are to find in Harry Potter. Knowing about these will really make you a die-hard Potter fan, among others.


This distinct charm is to cause the water to release from the wand. This is to basically depend on the wish of a wizard, that is, to apply the charm. Whether it is about a waterfall or a few sips of water, both can be done with using this charm. Hermione uses this charm for extinguishing the fire, and Harry is known to apply it to drink. 


This is also known as the ‘Summoning Charm’ as this is known to the caster for getting things done. The enchanter is first supposed to know where an object is and create the perfect image of that object in mind. Otherwise, this charm is not likely to work at all. A wizard does not try this charm on the bigger or heavier object than his/her size. Else he/she is to get knocked out. 


This spell is known to be extensively used by witches and wizards to vanish and fade things in the best way possible. It is quite an interesting and popular spell. It can be applied to vanish different objects like glass, a bag, and a bigger object like a desk. The bigger the object in this regard, the more effort is needed to be applied. This is regarded to be quite efficient and effective. 

Scouring Charm

This is considered to be an amazing cleaning spell. Most of the wizards are to apply it for saving and relaxation. In Harry Potter, various wizards have used it to clean different things like pet cages, potion cauldrons, etc. On the other hand, if a wizard wants to punish anyone, then he/she is to say Scourgify to get the job done. It will make the other person’s mouth full with the soap water. 

Wingardium Leviosa

It is regarded as quite a popular Levitation spell. It is not supposed to work on humans, but one is allowed to lift several lighter objects, cupcakes, broomsticks, etc. This was the charm used to bring Potter, Harmione, and Ron together in their first year. It is just important to spell this charm correctly in order to make this work. 


This charm is known to be used to remove the memory of someone regarding something. This forgetful charm comes very handily for a wizard if he/she wants to make someone forget some specific thing or stuff. You should really visit Quizpin to explore different aspects of other spells and charms. 

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