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Increase Web Site Traffic Strategymobile Marketing

Losing customers and sales in an online business is the major key to draining one’s bank account. Ignoring to execute the effective principles of mobile marketing will definitely not increase website traffic. With about 40% of Americans registered as smartphone subscribers, optimizing a website to mobile surfing would tremendously increase one’s income. Furthermore, 50% of customers are involved in activities that include online shopping using their mobile devices. According to research generated by ComScore, roughly two-thirds of Smartphone owners are buying items using their handheld devices. Get More Info on how people are mostly searching the net for discounts on items, coupons available, and price information of services and products.

Don’t just increase your web site traffic, double it with the tips listed below:

  1. Get your website listed on mobile searches. As proven by the generated research result of comScore, mobile-based searches are tremendously overwhelming compared to computer-based ones. Hence, getting one’s site listed on mobile pages is definitely a big leap to earning more. To start scratching mobile marketing, budget allocation on the activity should be done. It is worth the effort and money as mobile searches are closer to having an actual purchase. Keyword and category research is important to make this step work out.
  2. Focus on what mobile users really like. Loading of mobile home page should only take less than 5 minutes. It is also important to make your call-to-action visible to them, otherwise, your web page ends up getting dumped without making an actual purchase. Traditional websites are not fast enough to ensure speedy delivery of information to mobile users. Tracking and monitoring visits of the page are also important. To accurately determine the metrics, using tailored promotion codes in certain words or call-to-action is recommended.
  3. SMS marketing. Send out SMS to disseminate updates and information. Of course, this should be done with the permission of the subscribers. It is important to make messages short to the text file list. Tracking of responses is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of this technique. What makes this step better is the fact that subscribers are paying for the SMS received, hence, this would keep your cash from draining.
  4. Email mobile-friendly deals and updates on the contacts in the text file list. Again, it’s important to stick to sending out shorter messages with a visible call-to-action. Email subjects should also be screened for action-oriented headlines.

Don’t forget to include your contact details in the sent messages. Although, it is not guaranteed that they will call you back, taking a step ahead to reach out for them and showing a willingness to make real-time connections with them is a plus factor for the business. Tracking each call made is necessary for proper documentation of the method.

To increase website traffic, marketers should keep in current with the latest strategies of promoting products. The inclusion of updated methods in a website’s overall plan is indeed necessary. It may be an extra effort on your part but in my point of view, ‘mobile marketing is all worth it.’

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.