How To Take Control Of A Relationship By Understanding Compatibility

In any relationship, conflicts arise from time to time. Often time, these conflicts arise due to not spending enough time together, money issues, unsatisfying sex life, lack of leisure activities and etc. Unresolved conflicts will tend to accumulate over time. This accumulation of unresolved conflicts are very unhealthy and eventually will negatively impact your relationship. Learn how to take control of a relationship by understanding the importance of compatibility. Knowing how compatible are you with your partner by understanding the five basic human needs.

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This need focuses on family, friends and intimacy. It helps both of you in determining how much time to allot in being together and being apart. Your relationship will work out when both of you have an equal need for love and belonging.

This need focuses on safety and security. It is not just physical but also psychological. This need helps both of you in determining how you adapt to changes, save and spend money, prepare for emergencies, and spontaneity.

This need focuses on three types of power. How to take control of a relationship by understanding the difference in these three types of power.

Power over other people. This is the least favorable type as it will show that you are superior and other people are under your power. Power with other people. This is one of the favored type as this will show your ability to work in collaboration with other people to achieve the goal. This type of power is commonly seen in families and group sports. Power within oneself. This is also one of the favored type of power as this will show your drive to do your best. Having this power within you pushes you to gain pride and win a competition. That is why you may be labeled as a perfectionist and a workaholic.

This need focuses on independence and doing things on your own will and time. It will help you in determining whether you like the rules or not. Most people who have a high value for freedom have difficulty in obeying rules especially those rules that are nonsense. Freedom, love and belonging needs are inversely proportional. You cannot value them equally. One is usually valued more than the other.

This need focuses on three types of having fun. These are being loud and energetic, quiet and relaxing, and learning something that you are interested in.

These basic human needs need not occur in equal value. Some may be high, some may be low. Just remember that you have to compromise with your partner. In conclusion, how to take control of a relationship requires you to understand your compatibility level with your partner and continuously working towards optimum compatibility.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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