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How To Strike An Impression In Online Dating

Online dating has certainly surpassed the traditional methods of matchmaking, blind dates, and also the occasional social gatherings specially organized for singles. Gone are the days of difficulty in approaching people to get to know them, learn more about them, and eventually date them.

The internet has certainly minimized all boundaries that seek to be in the way of social interactions between namely, a single male and a single female. With increasingly more social networking sites that offer dating services such as Eharmony or Friendfinder people are dating more freely now, be it offline or online.

However, it’s not necessary that online dating sites can guarantee that you can get a date. It still relies primarily on your own self-effort – how you choose to portray yourself online, what you do to initiate a conversation, and how you maintain the online relationship.

There are a couple of ways where you can strike an impression even on a dating/ social networking website and they are:

  1. How Your Profile is done up

You need to include personal information about yourself, talk about your lifestyle, your hobbies, interests, affiliations, and also what you are looking for in a partner/ relationship. Share your life story and let people know you personally through your personal profile.

  1. Put up a presentable photo

People like to identify others through their faces / physical features and definitely, people would like to have a rough idea of who they are talking to and interacting with online. Hence, it’s good to put up a nice photo. It’s not necessary to doll yourself up and put up a photo that is nice but utterly different from who you really are because you may come across as being fake when you eventually meet up with or reveal your true appearance to the person.

  1. Have a warm welcoming message.

Your message will create your first impression of you. And hence, you need to let your personality shine through. You can be friendly and casual, but at the same time, serious, too, because you want to be taken seriously. So, make sure your words reflect what an interesting and intelligent person you are.

  1. Send messages to members of the site to get to know them

Look at members’ profiles and find those who you think you might have a chance with. Take the initiative and introduce yourself to others. Be truthful and be nice in your messages.

  1. Regularly update your profile

Keep information about yourself updated so that people who want to get to know you have a good (and recent) idea of who you are. Besides, you won’t want to say “No.. that happened a long time ago” to a person with whom you just interacted online.

Make sure that while you are doing all this, that you are protecting yourself online!

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.