How long it takes for a background check to get complete?

Due to the increasing number of frauds and crimes, it becomes necessary for every organization to conduct a background check of employees before hiring them for the job. The background screening helps to find the best human resource for your organization. There are different kinds of background tests conducted like employment background tests, fingerprint tests, drug testing, criminal background checks, and much more; the best free background check sites are used.

The time required by each background check depends on the type and sources required for processing the checks. Here are some of the turnaround times needed for different background checks:

Turnaround times company for criminal background checks

Criminal background checks generally require two to three working days. The process can be done even faster through the best free background check sites if they require instant results. The time required for the criminal background checks Depends on the database. 

Turnaround times for gun background checks

The FBI performs gun background checks or universal background checks. These checks are processed within a few minutes with the help of the national instant criminal background checks system.

If you want to buy a firearm from an importer, licensed manufacturer, or dealer, gun background checks are mandatory by the law. Before selling the firearm, the seller must call a local state agency or FBI to perform gun background checks.

Turnaround times for employment background checks

The time required for employment background checks depends on the type of information required by an employer. If the background checks need manual searches like previous employers, universities, and professional license certifications, it takes a long time to conduct background checks.

Nowadays, many companies conduct employment background checks before hiring any candidate for a job. Some organizations also run background checks on their current employees through regular criminal background checks and drug testing for the complete safety of the organization.

Usually, the background checks include credit history, work experience, education qualification, criminal record, driving record, drug screening, and medical history.

Turnaround time for fingerprint background checks

It is a background check that is used to compare your fingerprint with IAFIS. The response for its successful match can be submitted within few days.

A fingerprint background check is generally needed for government-oriented institutions like fire departments, public schools, law enforcement agencies or airports, etc.  

The processing time might get longer if there is an issue with the quality of your fingerprint. If the authorities found any criminal record tied to your fingerprint, then also it would require a long time for processing.

Final words

At last, as we have seen, there are different types of background checks required depending on the type of organization you are applying for. If you think that the background check is taking too long, then you can also reach out to the best free background check sites or company who has requested for it.

The background checks need your previous address or some identity proof. If the delay of the check is beyond your control, then you must have some patience to get it completed because sometimes it involves great complications which require deep investigation.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.