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Guide To Collecting Rare Seashells On Marco Island In Florida

Florida has almost ten thousand beautiful islands. People from all over the world visit Florida because of its islands. If you are looking for an incredible shelling experience in Florida, then Marco Island is your destination. Marco Island offers the most exquisite seashells. These seashells are of different types are hard to find anywhere else in the world. Marco Island has an abundance of seashells. These bountiful shells can help you enjoy the best time on this island. Well, there are tons of things to do in Marco Island Floridaso let’s begin.

Marco Island: A Tourist Destination

Located on the southern part of the Paradise Coast of Florida, Marco Island is pretty famous. The National Parks and the mangrove estuaries surround this island with beautiful beaches. There are plenty of activities to enjoy on this island. People from all over the world love to visit this island and explore it in detail. Marco Island is known for being a great tourist attraction. People get attracted to this beautiful island for these reasons: 

  •     Collecting beautiful shells:

People who love to collect different seashells tend to get attracted to this island. There are plenty of seashells on this island that could hardly be found on any other island. This is one of the specialities of Marco Island. Many experienced shell collectors, too, love visiting this island. 

  •     Enjoy the Nature:

Nature is at its best in Marco Island. The calm and pleasant climate adds charm to the natural beauty of this place. There are so many beautiful geographical features that surround this island. The beautiful sandy beaches are quite a lot on this island. Tourists enjoy taking a peaceful stroll along these beaches or sit by them to witness the beautiful sunset. 

Different types of shells on Marco Island

There are plenty of activities that tourists can enjoy on Marco Island. Shelling is one of the most important activities to enjoy on this island. Shelling is a relaxing activity that involves collecting many different types of shells that are rare. This island offers plenty of such rare shells. This is perfect for tourists who love collecting shells. Some of these different shells include sand dollars, Junonia Shell from Marco Island Shelling, murex shells, scallop shells, conch shells, and worm snail shells. 

Tips before shelling!

Experts can help you determine the right season or time to collect shells on Marco Island. People who love collecting shells out of their passion need to keep in mind a few tips. These tips are important before you set off to collect a variety of shells as collectables. It is imperative to wear swim shoes before searching for shells. This is to prevent your toes from getting scrapes and cuts. Waterproof shoes would be even better. Also, you need to dress appropriately for searching for the rarest seashells. It would be best to be prepared with sunscreen, sunglasses, and even hats to avoid excessive heat. 

Be prepared for shelling

Shelling requires a good amount of preparation. If you are searching for things to do in Marco Island Florida, you need the appropriate supplies and tools. It is imperative to carry a bucket with you. It would be best if you had a bucket to carry all the clean shells you have collected back to your place safely. Other than a bucket, you can take something with which you can pick up these shells. However, it is more fun to pick them with your bare hands. 

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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