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Dance For Weight Loss Benefits Of Belly Dancing

Do you dance for weight loss? If you do, then you are doing the right thing with regards to your health and fitness. First, dancing is a form of exercise that can effectively burn hundreds of calories in the safest manner. It can trim your abs, sculpt your upper and lower body muscles and the same time, boosting your self-confidence.

Today’s dance move is about Belly Dancing and how it can help you lose weight. Here in Manila, belly dancing is patronized by the elderly people as one of their exercise routines to stay in shape and be physically active. Belly dance moves are very enjoyable and of course, challenging as you have to move your belly a lot in every direction. Like other styles of dancing, belly dance moves can effectively trim your body into one hot sexy mama! Let me discuss some important points on how this kind of dance routines can help you get fit and healthy.

Benefits of belly dancing

Like I said, belly dancing is a form of exercise that you can apply on your workout program. The more you dance, the more you exert exercise. So, the amount of weight loss depends on the intensity of your belly dance routines. Fitness experts suggests that spending for just an hour of belly dancing can burn as much as 300 calories! That is enough to make you trim in just about a week without having trouble of diets and other restrictive eating programs. But of course if you want fast and effective weight loss program, belly dancing is best applied in conjunction with healthy and balanced diet regimen.

If you do vigorous belly dance moves everyday, it offers same health benefits just like other types of dance routines or workout exercises. Besides weight loss, dancing can effectively prevent any cardiovascular diseases, gives good posture, prevents osteoporosis, improves stamina, flexibility, strengthens the body and boost mental power. With regards to emotional benefits, it can add self-confidence, enhance your social interaction and a stress reliever.

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Belly dance for weight loss: Amount of exercise

If you want to apply dancing as one of your weight loss programs, you need to focus on the intensity and frequency of your workout to achieve success. Belly dancing is an effective exercise which is ideal in working out your middle, helping you to chop off some of your unwanted belly fats and build some abdomen muscles. If you intend to do belly dancing once or twice a week, you will definitely going to have trouble losing weight.

What is the right amount of belly dance to achieve weight loss success? Well, experts suggests a daily 15 minute workout and that is a very kind numbers if you ask me. So with that information, you have to do belly dancing for at least 30 minutes per day to actually get positive results.

So commitment is the key if you want to have successful belly dance fitness program. You need to achieve that 30 minutes dance routine everyday and if you can exert a little more effort, make it an hour a day. After all, you’ll definitely love belly dancing because it contain very challenging dance moves.

A simple 30-minutes belly dance class is enough to have ideas on how to apply various belly dance moves. Once you learned a few moves, mimic it on your own living room for the rest of the week until you get to your next class. This way, you are well exercised and continuously losing weight thru belly dancing. As you accumulate more dance moves, the more you will enjoy belly dancing as one of your weight loss program.

Basic moves of belly dancing

Belly dancing moves depends on instructors on how they handle students. In most cases, students are forced to stand still most of the time in every class to learn various finger cymbal rhythms, abdominal drills, stretches and breathing session at the end of the class.

I suggests that you hire a belly dancing teacher to help you on different belly dance routines and help you to effectively lose weight. Practicing belly dancing at home can encourage you to exercise more as you are at your own comfort zone. Any music can be used for belly dancing but drum solos as more often used as it gives perfect rhythm in moving your belly. This kind of dance moves engages your legs and hips, resulting to a more fat burning experience.

As time goes by, your belly dancing skills will improve especially your finger cymbals which gives the right coordination when dancing. Aside from belly dance tunes, you may also use some fast aerobic music which can also be used in belly dancing.

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