Burning Fat Is A Great Way To Lose Weight

A great number of opinions have been written about losing fat. But regardles of how you look at it, there are two basic ways to lose fat; diet and exercise.

Exercise: If it’s within your budget, I would definitely consider purchasing a heart rate monitor. Keeping within your fat burning heart rate (50-60% of max) will burn up the most fat during fat burning workouts. The easiest way to compute your maximum heart rate is: 220 minus your age = maximum heart rate. So, let’s say you’re 40 years old , your optimum fat burning heart rate is 90 – 108 (220-40 * .5 or .6). I would advise staying at around 100. Of course ,the lower your heart rate, the longer it takes to burn calories. But, at 50-60% of your maximum rate, you’re melting away the maximum percentage of fat calories possible. The best fat burning exercises are cardio and weight training. I think cardio presents the best benefits as long as you don’t rest until you’ve finished at least a half hour workout. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, only go as long as you feel comfortable until you can work up to a half hour. I personally work out on an elliptical machine at my health club, but you can walk fast, jog indoors, use a treadmill, ride a bike etc. Cardio also requires the least amount of training on the various machines. Weight training is also excellent, but remember; you’re also going to develop muscle. So don’t be amazed if the scale doesn’t go down quite as fast, because you’re dropping fat pounds, but creating more muscle pounds. For weight training, unless you’re seasoned, I would seek a trainer or a person that can properly instruct you on the use of the numerous machines and free weights.

Diet: To only lose weight, diet is the fastest and simplest way. But to burn mostly fat, you’ll have to have the diet/exercise combination. Because if you just reduce portion size and calorie consumption, you’ll drop weight, but a major percentage of that may be muscle. To avert losing muscle, you’ll want to change your diet to eat less fat and carbohydrates and additional protein. I know, that sounds like you have to start keeping a log of almost everything you consume, along with the fat, carb & protein count. It boils down to how intense you are about burning fat. Generally speaking, if you eat more fat burning foods, like vegetables, chicken and fish and less burgers, hot dogs, fries, chips and deserts, you’ll lose fat. I would suggest taking time to analyze the caloric breakdown of what you’re presently eating to show you a barometer of the percentages of fat, carbs & protein you’re eating. You’ll probably be surprised. Again, in general, if you retain a 20/40/40 ratio (10% fat, 40% carbs, 40% protein), you’ll lose fat. Protein metabolizes much better with carbohydrates, so it’s vital to consume carbs with a protein shake, if it’s 100% protein. I maintain that the less fat you can consume (down to around 10%), the quicker your body will get fat burning.

Considering the diet and workouts, obviously one of them won’t work, but they have to be in combination. If they are sought for effectiveness, using supplements is one of the feasible options. Testogen testosterone booster has positive effects on the body and certainly supports the tough workout and strict diet you are trying to follow. It doesn’t artificially mend the body but naturally builds it to be a fat buster. 

I could go into much more detail, but I wanted to write a brief article on the very basics of what you should do to get the fat burning ball rolling. I will expand on the subject in future articles with: supplements, recommended diets and workout routines .

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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