Permanent Change of Station- Vehicle Syndrome

The holiday season just concluded a few weeks back but the sheer enthusiasm of going to newer places continues to prevail due to which we are looking at newer prospects but when you are tasked with the responsibility of protecting your country borders then holidays are almost negligible.

That’s right, it is difficult to fathom what our armed forces go through when they are standing at a high altitude of thousands of feet above sea level with less than 0 degree temperature due to which ordinary citizens sleep peacefully in their beds.

Army men have many things to deal with like a life threatening assignment, infiltrating enemy camps as part of an operation, transfer of posts, new stations, etc. and this assignment is called Permanent Change of Station (PCS) that we are going to look into.

Defining Characteristics

The US armed forces and its army is considered to be the strongest in the world so PCS is a natural process where assignments, transfer of power, detailed plan, unit member is given a new process and location under official orders where the task at hand is neither temporary nor permanent.

It isn’t specified whether further assignments or new station are part of the parcel involving any dangerous mission and there is no guarantee whether they can return to the old station.

Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) is the perfect website where you can get detailed info about the entirety of PCS but this article is about two vehicles that is used for the new PCS season.

It is difficult to own even one car nowadays and when you have two in the garage, it is quite luxurious to think about it but most people find it frustrating to drive it around town.

Therefore vehicles are shipped in and out at regular intervals but when PCS issues orders to ship the goods out then you have to get going flat out but driving out would be a more appropriate term because most readers would be confused on using the word ‘shipping’ on the road.

When you have two huge vehicles moved to a new location in a single piece, the expenses are going to be high but when you are in the military service then minimal sum can be utilized through discussions on Facebook groups.

Do It Yourself

Ship vehicles have been quite a norm in the military but when you have to pay your own expenses during PCS, most people back out even if the expenses are relatively low but since there is no other choice with two vehicles at hand.

First you hire an auto shipping company without expecting any refund or disbursement from the US Department of Defense (DOD) where you need to look after the cost of the journey and time constraints because there are going to be variations between individual drivers and shipping companies.

There is a pick up time and location that is followed by all shipping companies diligently as they are punctual in nature in delivering goods on time so make sure that your car isn’t loaded with unnecessary things that might delay the journey.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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