Minecraft Enchantments- Ranger Arms

It is better to devote your time to something important rather than wasting it on useless issues and this is an advice that elders drum into our heads right from childhood but there are certain reservations for the argument.

Everyone has their own opinion of what is important and what is useless especially when it comes to entertainment because so called purists would dismiss it as a waste of time while others would consider it worth spending.

Video games are the biggest example in this regard that older generation folks ridicule it while those belonging to 80s and 90s cannot do without it even now in the 21st century where mobile games have replaced PlayStations with so many games gaining cult status.

Popular Phase

Minecraft is a renowned video game that has taken over the mindset of many a youngster due to which they simply cannot do without playing a nice few rounds every now and then, which is quite astonishing considering there is no dearth to video games out there.

It is difficult to begin with this topic but this Sweden-originated video game comes in the sandbox genre, which is defined as a game where the player is allowed to stoke his creative potential and add new things into the tasks that will help him to finish it on time and accomplish goals at a quicker pace.

Minecraft is developed by Mojang Studios, Sweden’s best video game developer that has created many other ventures but this one has superseded all in terms of popularity.

It was brought to the public eye in 2009 but was officially released two years later in November after programmer Jens Bergensten took over the reins that gave it a new lease in life after a few initial failure in tests.

Minecraft has now become the best-selling video game of all time so much so that renowned YouTuber PewDiePie, the largest YouTube channel in the world, made a video describing its influence on the youth brigade and how even he was impressed with the new techniques involved.

It is similar to a typical mobster flick where you will encounter fiery monsters at every level so you need to be armed with weapons of high repute where they are divided in the melee and ranged category (excluding trident).

Weaponry Range

  1. Multi-Shot Infinity is the best which is why it is first in the list as the enchantments make the bow function perfectly where you can fire countless arrows at the enemy without giving him time to breathe
  2. Power/Piercing is another enchantment for crossbow where the enemies are vanquished in large numbers while a bow is only for single target foes and because it inflicts more than 25% damage it is a preferable option for many players
  3. Unbreaking is a powerful shield for armors, swords and other tools where the enchantment reduces the durability points from being used so that players can use weapons for a longer time
  4. Flame, as the name suggests, ignites the arrows fired in an instant that destroys the target in sight
  5. Mending is the enchantment that repairs broken weapons in an instant that allows you to include more players with minecraft account for sale

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