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Knock Knee- Cure for Pain

Our human body is a very strong fighting machine and yet delicate sometimes if not handled carefully and like any normal machine is bound to rust and breakdown if not taken care of properly because it is quite vulnerable to diseases from time to time that is a huge menace.

There are many physical and mental ailments that the body goes through that usually begins from adulthood but the seeds of this problem are planted in childhood when we are fond of consuming junk food that causes poisonous toxins to fester in our body that take a monstrous form when we grow up and cause diseases.

When it comes to ailments, it becomes difficult to decide which one to talk about but today we shall discuss about the problem of knock knees because it is often neglected or isn’t taken as seriously as it should but there are many people that don’t even realize they are going through this issue.

Genu Valgum

The official name for knock knees is Genu Valgum, a term normally used by medical experts to denote the condition in technical language but such terms usually don’t penetrate the skull of layman and so knock knees is something that one can understand.

Genus Valgum is a condition where the knees stick to each other when a person stands up and is called so because it usually happens to those that are having vagul deformity in their body due to which they are not able to touch their feet together when straightening their legs.

This is the reason why stretching exercises are important for people to practice so as to avoid this problem from taking place otherwise it can cause huge problems and knock knees falls into that category.

It is difficult to say when you can be afflicted with it because it can happen to anyone from a 2 year old to a full grown adult or an elderly person so if it needs to be detected at an early age.

However, it is natural for toddlers to have this issue and it becomes corrected as they grow holder but there are also many cases when the condition only goes from bad to worse as they attain adulthood and is a menace at a ripe old age.

Rid Of It

Once any problem festers with time, it grows to such an extent that it becomes difficult to solve it so therefore it has to be nipped in the butt in the early stages itself.

There are many reasons for knock knees to aggravate like obesity due to which you need to exercise regularly especially cardio where walking for an hour, treadmill running and a strict diet plan has to be followed to tackle the issue.

Stretching the body and squat exercise is a good therapy for grown adults so that they can realign their knees and mitigate the pain to a considerable extent and surgery should be the last resort only in extreme cases as they are the ultimate cure for knock knees.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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