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How To Pass A Home Drug Test – Know the tips 

Drug abuse is becoming popular among teenagers and more and more parents are getting worried whether their children are using drugs or not. Instead on taking their kids to hospitals for check up, many parents prefer administering a home drug test. Although parents have always try their best to ensure that their kids are giving the right urine sample for the test, there are lots of ways teens has always beat their way around these tests. For those wondering how to pass a home drug test, here are some of the common methods you can use to get yourself out of the hook.

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Looking at Methods for How to Pass a Home Drug Test

One of the methods that has been in use for very long and still assures one to pass a drug test is substituting urine. This method needs one to have a source of clean urine usually a friend or a sibling and prior knowledge of when the test is going to be done. The teen will then take the sample with him or store it secretly in the toilet. When sent to provide sample, all he or she will do is simple substitute the other urine for his or hers.

Teens are also known to do detoxing when they know they are about to undergo a home drug test. There are many ways of detoxing, one of the ways is doing lots of physical exercises. This will force the body to detoxify leading to cleaner urine after some days. Exercising is however not very effective on shorter notice. There are also some drugs that will help one detoxify depending on what type of drug is using.

You can also pass a home drug test by diluting your urine. There are several ways of diluting urine. One of these is by taking excessive fluids that has salty content. With lots of fluid in the body, the body will excrete more urine greatly diluting the concentration of drug in the urine making it harder to detect. Taking juices and lots of tea can help with urine dilutions. Water is also effective but it lowers salt concentration in the urine. However, with home test, salt concentration is never tested so no need to worry about that.

There are also masking (detox) drinks to help one pass urine drug test. These drinks are however illegal and their use should be private and secrt. When one takes these drinks, the vitamins, minerals and ingredients in the drink will remove toxins from the urine making it pass as clean. With these drinks one does not need to worry. However, the use of these drinks is subject to conditions and one must read the instruction on the bottle for desired results. Not following the direction will lead to higher chances of positive results. Although there are several detox drinks, it is advisable to do your research well so as to make sure to use only those detox drinks that are safe for use and that do not have several side effects. Simple online search will give you lots of results. Here are some of detox drinks one can use: Solution 4X, Qcarbo Plus with Booster and Zydot Natural blend Cleansing Tea.

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