How To Gain Muscles When You Have A Skinny Body

It is every skinny persons dream to gain muscles and look smart. However, the process of losing weight remains a mystery. Few skinny people have worked hard to develop muscular body despite the skinny genetic frame. The reason for being skinny could vary from genetic to anything. This does stop a skinny person from gaining muscles. Understanding the body frame and the body type along with its requirements will help in working on the muscle gain even on a skinny body.

Endomorph – Body type, which has bigger frame, have big torso, short arms and legs.

Mesomorph – in this type of body frame people are of medium frame or athletic. They tend to gain and lose muscle mass and weight with ease and enjoy good metabolism.

Ectomorph – this body type gives skinny body frame with long limbs. People with this body type have high metabolism, which digest any food consumed fast.

People who have ectomorph body frame needs to work hard with determination to gain muscle mass on their skinny frame. No two people are the same hence the method adopted also will vary accordingly. Following three could be easy choice for the magic muscle gain. 

Eating right

Get your food intake adjusted to killing the metabolism, which is hyperactive active. This way you could over load the body with right protein, calories and nutritious foods. Skinny people digest food consumed fast and they feel full even before going full round on their food. Hence, eat food that does not fill you fast. You could choose to eat eggs, tuna, salmon, pasta, rice, avocado and potatoes, as they do not fill you fast while giving you required amount of proteins, calories and nutrition to the skinny body.

When the body filled with calories, protein, the metabolism exhausts only the calories required for skinny body. The remaining calories will be used by the body to repair the muscles and gain more muscles when you do work outs.

Workout accordingly

Do more of weight training along with cardio and other workouts. This way the body muscles will get tougher and stronger to handle the extra weight that you handle. Aim at using heavy weights and do more exercise with more intensity in less reps. Introduce variation in your exercise pattern. This way you could get good results.

If you are dedicated to workout for your body in the gym, maybe supplements can be of great help. Testosterone is medically proven the essential hormone to boost lean muscle over body fat. 

Best testosterone booster supplements can also improve your inherent hormonal balance and metabolism to sustain the results for long. 

Rest enough

The body need rest as much as it needs exercise. The body needs time to recapture and repair the muscles after your strenuous workout sessions. Hence, alternate your work out regime accordingly. It is not necessary that you do weight lifting every day you could alternate it with cardio and kick boxing.

Do not exhaust yourself have your own plan to handle your body requirement to gain muscles on your skinny body. Muscles gained through quality process will last long. This will also help you run the extra mile in your life without abusing the body gifted to us.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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