From Seed Banks To Healthy Plant: Tips To Grow Cannabis In Pot

Many people across the world are resorting to growing Cannabis in their homes or the kitchen garden. It is a quite convenient procedure to grow a Cannabis plant into a pot or anywhere where it finds a suitable environment to nurture. Growing Cannabis is like growing just another plant. Even if one isn’t export in growing plants, starting with the Cannabis plant, it might not be a very difficult start to consider. However, the only difference is that Cannabis requires special treatment than other ones. Here are a few important tips you must consider planting your Cannabis seeds into the soil. 

Tips for planting Cannabis

  • Quality seeds: To plant a seed, one of the most important features is to get good quality seeds from good seed banks. To get the best quality of Cannabis grown into your pots, you must ensure that the seeds that you buy are 100% genuine and authentic Cannabis seeds. If there is even a little bit of impurity in the product, the result will not be satisfactory. 
  • Know your preference: Before buying the seeds of the Cannabis plant, one should research the kind of Cannabis they want to grow in their pots. For instance, there are three types of Cannabis, Cannabis Indica, Sativa, and ruderalis. One must know their preference and buy the seeds accordingly.
  • The right equipment: To ensure that the plant grows well in a healthy environment, one also needs to keep all the equipment necessary to facilitate a healthy plant’s growth. For instance, getting a wide pot, planting spatula, and LED light is less sunlight in your environment and paper towels. 
  • Germination: Germination is one of the most important processes before planting the seeds into the pot. One must keep a wet paper towel soaked in water. The towers should be wet but not too wet that the water leaks the surface. Then keep the seeds wrapped in the paper towel for today’s to facilitate germination of the seeds. Keep the seeds in the paper towel till the taproot of the seed starts being visible. Once you can see e the tip of the taproot, the Cannabis seeds are ready to be planted in the pot. 
  • Suitable pot: If your growing your Cannabis plant into a pot, what that the pot is big enough so that the roots of the plant can expand as much as possible and take the rich nutrients from the soil properly. One must also prefer a part that allows extra water to drain out and retain the necessary amount of water into the soil. Holding excessive water can also damage the plant. 

  • Healthy sunlight: Choose to keep the pot in a place where it can get a regular source of sunlight. Try keeping the pot on the edge of a window or anywhere the sunlight is subtle. Moreover, one must also avoid putting a plant where the heat is excessively scorching as it can damage the plant. 

These were a few tips that one must keep in mind to grow a healthy Cannabis plant in their home settings. 

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.