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Combination The Heirophant The Tower Ace Of Wands

Yikes! Let’s face it, the sight of the tower in a reading is enough to send shivers of panic right through to your very core. It’s got a bad reputation; people nearly always gasp and take a deep breath when they have to contemplate what it might mean. The immediate worry is obvious; the tower has the potential to knock us for six, suddenly and with force. It’s destructive and relentless in its mission to tear down anything that lacks substance or is surplus to requirements.

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The threat of devastation is a scary prospect. However if we consider past events where we may have experienced similar loss; with the benefit of hindsight we will often see that whatever it was we lost was never meant to form part of our future anyway. We just couldn’t see it at the time, and that’s where the pain comes into it.

If you look at the tower from a different perspective its positive qualities begin to emerge. Although I would prefer never to have to lay eyes on the tower again, I’ve learned to embrace it. Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in something, so deeply involved that we cannot recognise if that thing is even good for us in the long term. If this is the case; we’re on the wrong track but can’t see it, then surely the forceful tower is somehow necessary. See it as an act of cleansing. You can be sure that anything that remains standing after these catastrophic events will be real, the deadwood will be stripped away and falsehoods eliminated.

Bear this energy in mind when contemplating the message in the heirophant. The heirophant is card of establishment; religion, institution and tradition all fall under his remit. To me the heirophant represents who or what it is that we belong to, what our values and beliefs are. To see this card may indicate a need to find where we belong spiritually, a period of souls searching, seeking spiritual guidance.

If you consider the energy of both these two cards in combination they are opposing. Does the crumbling tower wall represent the walls of establishment? You could look at this from a few different viewpoints. Could this mean that the very thing we feel we are a part of , whether it be a religion, organisation or way of life is flawed in some way? Are we looking for something else to feed our soul because we’ve lost faith in our current belief system? Or maybe the walls of establishment have become a form of confinement and restriction and are holding us back from realising our real pontential?

Whilst we’re contemplating that, what about the ace? The ace of wands beholds a powerful energy that’s fall of promise. It isn’t sitting next to the heirophant so its unlikely that this energy will emerge from the confines of establishment. This energy is much more free flowing, it has no order or refinement just yet as it’s still in its raw form. Any confining walls will be torn down so we can spread our ambitious wings.

These three cards as a combination are telling us that we need to break away from that which poses restrictions. Maybe it’s time for a change in values, a reassessment; maybe our current beliefs are misguided or our loyalties misplaced. This is a challenging combination but it offers positive change in the long term. The fact is, if we don’t realise our restriction and break free voluntarily, the tower will do it for us.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.