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Brooches The Forgotten Accessories

In the last few years the fashion tendencies definitely refer to forgotten accessories from the past. Association with the brooch as a decoration refers to our “grandmas” and it would be hard to be related with something pretty or fashionable. Designers pulled out of the wardrobe this jewelry and now every brooch on a coat, shirt or a hat creates the feeling of uniqueness.

The brooch cannot be determined as an everyday decoration. It manages to create a special look even placed on a simple shirt and semi-sports outfit. Eclectics in fashion allow them to be mixed with sports jacket, a musketeer shirt and a beautiful brooch. The more unusual the colors and fabrics are combined – the bigger the effect of the overall vision.

The brooch can make such a transfer in time, soften the emancipation in every female line and create a halo of Romanticism of the owner. Powerful impression make brooches imitating their ancestors since 18 century to beginning of 19 century. Pay attention that especially in aristocratic environment the English queen and politically active ladies use brooches. This jewelry exposes their femininity, makes the outfit official and remains stylish without overdoing it. You can find more jewelries and pieces from Vitopoulos.

Contemporary brooches characterize with the fact that they could be manufactured from textile, leather, plastics, they can imitate colors or animals. The contemporary shape of brooches is voluminous and in bright colors. Often such jewelry is covered in glitter and reflects the light even in dark rooms.

Other type is brooches putting a stress on the semi-precious stones that have a clear base and steel hardware. Preferable are zircon in white, red and smoked.

When it comes to animalistic tendencies it’s the brightest and most difficult to apply. Animal motives should be used carefully if you don’t want to achieve a grotesque expression.

Vintage brooches form an entire separate category. Here you can search the wardrobe for your granny’s brooches. If you don’t have any the market offers ones that will fully replace the valuable pieces. In case you don’t like copies, search in the antique stores. Prices are higher but you will find a brooch with a history. Check it before buying if it has all the stones on it and whether the pin is still functioning well.

How are brooches worn?

In warm months this is not the most comfortable accessory but still you can decorate some of your clothes with this stylish decoration. You can underline your v-shaped neckline with a brooch in its base. Standard place is the lapel and the collar. You can decorate a single-colored dress with a brooch on the shoulder or the waist (with appropriate belt).

Add to your scarf a brooch. You can also put a brooch on your summer bag of fabric and it will make you special. Hats could also be decorated with brooches and they will make them very elegant.

Some fashion icons allow themselves to combine several brooches on a vest or a brooch and a stylish necklace but it’s not worth the risk with complex combinations. The brooch is enough as jewelry and you can accent on yourselves by underlining your stylish understandings of beauty and uniqueness.

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.