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Beginner Tips For Smoking Meat And Things You Need To Consider When Smoking

BBQ is amongst the world’s purest and most classic forms of cooking outside your kitchen. And one fine news is that Barbeque can be done via anyone with a smoker and a backyard. From the finest smoking wood to managing airflow, here are a few simple and easy tips to help you turn from a Barbeque smoking amateur to a pitmaster pro.

First thing first pick the smoker that’s right for you

One needs to consider some things when purchasing their first smoker, essentially how much meat sweats, blood, and tears one would like to put in their new craft. 

The simplest and easiest approach is the ceramic unit such as the Big Green Egg, which is compact, lets slow-and-low cooking, and is also excellent at feeding the family.

The other option is the pellet smoker. These automate airflow and heat, so you are technically cheating; however, it is still a huge step towards the real-deal offset smoker.

The 3rd option is for individuals whose ambitions are bigger. The offset smoker can be extremely expensive. However, you may find a fine one at the hardware store for a reasonable amount. 

Cook slow and low

In case you have not seen this term- “cook slow and low” yet, get ready: You’re going to read it a lot. Nearly any guide on Barbeque smoking and grilling gives a few mentions of cooking ‘slow and low.’

It is exactly how it sounds: This involves cooking your meat at a lower temp over a long time. This forms the basis of a majority of Barbeque cooking and is particularly true the moment it boils down to smoking with the help of BBQ smokers.

Lower temperature lets the juices and fat in the meat soak the meat with an added flavor, while its vulnerability to moisture in the smoke and the aromas in the wood chips let it take on additional flavor. As a thumb rule, 107°C (225°F) is the perfect temperature to smoke your meat. 

Keep that airflow constant

Constant airflow is essential to smoking. Ensure that the smoker or the grill vent is open so that the smoke is drawn right from the charcoal and wood, reaching through the meat, then there at the very top. It assists in keeping the smoke clean, brewing the food with the flavor and moisture without destabilizing temp inside the grill.

Keep your eye open and be watchful 

While smoking is the longest form of cooking and manages to stay right at a stable temp, you mustn’t let the smoker completely leave the sight. The water tray will require refilling each hour, and one needs to observe the internal temp of the meat.

It’s recommended to get the meat and thermometer for your smoker to keep a constant eye on the temp of the meat.

That’s it there. You have everything you ever wanted to know before you go on to smoke your meat and get the perfect result. 

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.

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