A Comprehensive 11 Pointer Guide On Growing Cannabis On Your Own

Marijuana seeds have proven to be beneficial in many ways, and hence, it is only logical for you to want to grow your cannabis. However, growing cannabis can be tricky. And this is where we step in. Read the article for gathering pertinent tips on growing cannabis! 

Top 11 tips for growing cannabis:

  • The light factor

Growing cannabis is trickier than it might seem. Each stage requires a different amount of lighting. For instance, initially, the plant requires 18-22 hours of light. However, as soon as your flower transitions from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, you should only expose it to twelve hours of light. 

  • Practice fertilizer deficit

Too much fertilizer is hazardous to the plant’s health as too many medicines are yours. Make sure that you are not very generous in your usage of fertilizers. 

  • Gentle treatmen

Mete out a gentle treatment to your plants. Harsh treatment will certainly cause an impediment to their growth. 

  • Use nutritive soi

Ensure that you use soil rich in nutrients, is uncontaminated, and airy and light to ensure better plant growth. 

  • Make use of proper containers

The pot must be changed following the growth of roots. The pot might restrict the cannabis’ growth otherwise. The pot must also have a proper drainage mechanism so that the roots do not remain moist throughout. 

  • Perpetual monitoring of the pH levels

This is that most people forget and, subsequently, sickens the plant. Maintaining an optimum ph level is of utmost importance.

  • Avoid too much heat exposure

 Whether you are growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, make sure that the plant receives optimum heat. Too much heat will certainly kill your plant. 

  • How much air is too much air?

 If you are growing the plant indoors, then the exhaust fan must be positioned accurately. Less oxygen will dry out the plant, whereas more will damage it. 

  • Out of sight, keeping 

a watch over your plant is very important if you are still a novice at growing cannabis. Keeping a constant tab on the plant will help you quickly realise the problem and lead to a quick resolution. 

  • Post-harvest care is important

People do not realize the importance of post-harvesting care, which determines how your plant will turn out to be. Make sure that your plant is hanged upside down, is well-ventilated and kept in the dark place.

Buy seeds from a reliable source: Last but not the least, buy your marijuana seeds from a good online seed bank. If your seeds are not good, no matter how well you handle your plant, they will not yield the desired results.    Keep the above tips in mind and grow your cannabis to enjoy the various perks that it offers! 

Ernestina Chacko is a writer and a photographer. Before joining, she was a senior contributor at Bloomberg USA.